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Bay Scallops in Crystal River, FLBay scallops are found from Nova Scotia to Texas and can be categorized into several sub species. Bay scallops in Florida usually have 17 to 21 ribs and are found in seagrass beds. Most animals have one mottled gray brown shell and one white shell,while the orange variety is less abundant. Bay scallops have approximately 50 bright blue eyes. Open season normally runs from July 1 through September 10 each year.The bag limit is 2 gallons of whole scallops ( in the shell ),or 1 pint of scallop meat per person per day. Scallops may be spotted on or near the bottom of seagrass beds, usually lying on their ventral shells. Scallops live about one year before either dying off naturally or being eaten by humans,crabs,octopus,or a variety of shell crushing fish. When brought to the boat, scallops should be immediately placed on ice in a cooler for the trip to shore unless you decide to clean the scallops while on the water. The equipment needed to harvest the bay scallop is a mask and snorkel,swim fins,mesh bag and a diver down flag (required by law) all of which will be supplied for you on your excursion. This is an easy and fun way to spend the day with the family, an activity that all age groups can enjoy.

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