Siesta Key Redfish

Huge Sarasota redfish on fly    Today was my daughters birthday but I got the gift! I am not one to go to the beach but when your wife and daughter ask you to go you just have to grab your fly rod and go anyway. We don’t have any beach front in Homosassa so when I walked out onto Siesta Key with my fly rod I was not sure where to start. I usually find a nice place in the Mangroves but there was not one in sight so I picked a nice rip coming off the point. I caught a few jacks and mackerel in the swash but nothing to great but it still beat sitting on a towel in the sand and sun. The no name storm back in March of 93 had made a tidal pool just inside the beach and there was a lot of bait running around in it,I met another fisherman fishing the upper end of the pool and he said he had been throwing at a big snook with no luck. I decided to try to feed him a fly so I went on the hunt. I seen a huge tail in about eight inches of water and made a cast and was rewarded with this huge Sarasota redfish.