Redfish Chow

10622832_627064637392261_1739048357264894227_n[1]    Today I did a corporate trip for the Purina company out of the Plantation Adventure Center on the Crystal River. Myself along with eight other boats took a great group of people out for some redfish and trout. I had Joe Jerry and Calvin on my boat and I had a great time with these guys. The redfish were feeding on shrimp today I usually like to throw top water plugs at them but today they wanted the real thing. The fish were not in any feeding frenzy today in fact we had to be very patient, I could see them working the shoreline so we just sat and waited on them to feed. Ozello is very rocky around the shoreline and you get snagged a lot if you try to move your bait. Joe had a bad snag and tried to get it lose and I told him to leave it alone because a redfish eats off the rocks everyday, with a little patience and a hungry fish he landed this nice redfish.