Fat Boys

IMG_0110  Today I spent the day with Steve,Dan and Burns from Conduit Constructors. We left out off Plantation Adventure Center on the beautiful Crystal River and headed west out to the grouper rocks to tangle with some shallow water grouper. The weather today made it a tough ballgame,the cloud cover made it almost impossible to see the rocks even in only seven feet of water. When we first arrived I was the only one to be able to make a cast without being snagged up and getting busted off,so I made every cast for the three of them most of the morning until the sun got a little higher in the sky. These guys sure kept me busy taking fish off the line, retying leaders, getting bait,and getting lose from the occasional snag or rocked up grouper. The end of another great grouper trip came and we were just about to head in when one of the guys asked me why I hadn’t fished during the day and I told him They had worked me to hard to have a chance. My turn came at the last cast of the day and I was rewarded with this fat boy! I didn’t measure or weigh it I just through it in the fish box and headed towards the dock, for sure it was the biggest grouper that my boat took out of shallow water all season.