Top water perfection

Top water perfection

I got to spend the day with my Dad today and my Father is where I developed my love for the water. My father was always a river rat and I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t on some body of water. Dad is not much into fishing and I usually

Mud slinger

I love to barter, I don’t always have the money to do some things that I need and others have the same issue. My friend mike is the same way, he’s a mechanic and body man and very good at what his job. Mike has been keeping my trucks boats and anything else that needs

Trout for dinner

Today I was on a huge group trip out of the Plantation Adventure Center for a insurance company out of Georgia. As a fishing guide for company trips like this one we sometimes get people that have never fished or may not even want to fish. Alissa didn’t care at all about fishing but wanted

Big Red

Big Red Jim Matton was on board today and even with the nick name Big Red he had never caught a redfish. I decided that with a name like that we had to make him live up to it. The tides today were uncooperative to say the least and I would have loved to just

It’s unfair

I enjoy fishing with clients almost as much as fishing with friends because you never know what the good lord is going to give you. Chad Burke’s Grandpa was the commercial fisherman that taught me the coastal waters here in citrus county and I will be forever in debt to him for the things he