redfish and tripletail on the fly

redfish and tripletail on the fly

   Today I spent the day with a good friend chasing redfish and tripletail with the fly rod. Chad and I don’t get the chance to fish together much anymore but when we do we always seem to have fun. Today started out kind of slow we had no real tide movement for a few

Local Knowledge

    John Russo his father in law Terry and his son Jacob were my clients today. John was a Citrus County resident for many years but now resides in Missouri and works as a public defender there. John’s son Jacob was born here but they moved away before he had a chance to learn to

Low water fun

      Fred Shuey and his son in law mark joined me today for some inshore fishing out of Crystal River. We left from the Plantation Adventure Center and hit the bars of Crystal Bay for the falling tide and some trout action. As the tide mad it’s way out so did we, because we had

Artificial Class

     Patty Johnson from Key Largo joined me today for a lesson in fishing with artificial lure’s. Patty is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed having her on my boat for the day, I asked patty first thing in the morning if she wanted to fish with live shrimp or artificial lure’s, and she admitted

Cobia Season

     Today I had the pleasure of having two good fisherman on my boat Bob and Gail Scalzo from North Carolina. We left out of the Plantation Adventure Center and made the mouth of the Crystal River just as the tide had turned in. I decided to work the bars on the north side of

Setting the hook

    Scott Brandlein his wife Kim took there two kids out for their first fishing trip today and you could not find two more patient parents. Tyson and his sister Kylee were a little tough to teach how to cast the rod and set the hook but once they got it they did a great

Grandpa’s pal

  Hubert Fowler and his grandson Colin joined me again for the first day of April and it couldn’t have been any better if I would have planned it. the weather was beautiful and the fish were hungry. Colin is a fine young fisherman and he did a great job on the trout today. We