Sight fishing cobia

Sight fishing cobia

    Today I did a little sight fishing for cobia out in about twelve feet of water on a few wrecks and rocks that these guys like to hang around . I like to throw a chartreuse buck tail jig that I tie myself (you can find the jig on my flies and jigs page)

Oklahoma boys

    Jeff,Josh and Jacob did a great job today under tough conditions, the tide was high and the clouds made for poor visibility. The boys from Oklahoma now how to stick it out and get it done and that’s exactly what they did. Jeff had never done any snorkeling before and it took him a

Fun in the sun

   Robert Cameron and his family joined me today for some fun in the sun and some serious scalloping. leaving from the Plantation on the Crystal river we headed west to the scallop grounds for our full limit of scallops. Two gallons per person or ten gallons per boat is the limit and we had

Newcomers to scalloping

   Today I took Dr Jones and his wife jean scalloping for their first time and they did a great job! We left from the Plantation Dive Shop in Crystal River and headed out to the scallop grounds. With first timers it always takes a little time to show people what to look for to

Seasoned Pros

   Annet Bie and her daughters Lindzy and Taylor We definitely not first timers. I usually have to tell people to spread out and not expect to find all your scallops under the boat but that was not the case with this group. I had to move the boat several times just to keep up

Shallow Water excitement

  Sara caught her first shallow water grouper today and did an awesome job of getting him out of the rocks in seven feet of water. I started out my day leaving from Plantation Inn on the Crystal River and heading west out to the foul area . Sara’s boyfriend Brandon had plans of landing

Scalloping Fun

   James and Taylor joined me today on a scallop trip out of Plantation Dive shop on the Crystal river. We left the dock early to take advantage of the low tide, it makes it nice and easy to find the scallops when you don’t have to dive eight feet to get them. Today was