Last red fish of 2013

Last red fish of 2013

The last day fishing for 2013 and I don’t think it could have been any better! I started out today doing a little recon for my next charter,which wont be until next year so I had a day to myself I started off where I left off on my last trip and the big Homosassa


We started out a little late this morning but I think its alright for the day after Christmas. The weather was nice today, a little cloudy but that’s perfect for a Rapala skitter walk and the trout thought so too. Trout fishing here out of Homosassa can be awesome this time of year and today

Take a kid fishing

Take a kid fishing, its good for the soul. The weather was beautiful today ,high around 86, sunny and the trout were biting.With a south west wind blowing at about 15 with some strong gust it made for some fast drifts but all an all it was a great day of trout fishing here in

Flounder from the hook to the plate

One of the fish that don’t mind the gulf temperature being a little cold is the flounder. These fish are easy to catch and they make for an excellent dinner. I like to get blue crab claw meat from the grocery store and chop it up with some onion, old bay seasoning,and some Ritz crackers

Fly fishing for snook

Today was a little cold to start but the juvenile  snook were hot too trot on a white Clouser Minnow.  We caught eighteen all about this size in a little over an hour,not a bad way to start the day. I think we lost quite a few fish due to the fact that a snook

December & January Fishing

Winter fishing here in Florida can be pleasant or down right chilly,so most of are fishing is done in the several spring fed rivers and creeks. This is mainly a mixed bag so it is possible to catch a wide variety of fish, redfish, trout, and snook can all be caught in the rivers. Ladyfish

Chilly Fishing

Today the weather was a little chilly to start but it warmed up fast and the fishing warmed up fast also. The red fish were hungry this morning on high tide and were eager to take a top water plug or well placed fly. Most fish were in the slot with the occasional bull that

First timers

  I started out my day at the Plantation Adventure Center with captains John Spann and Paul Cross for some shallow water grouper fishing. Paul and John had never caught a grouper in that shallow of water before and they asked me if I would take them for the closing day of the season. The