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Birthday fishing charter

George Bowlin had a birthday wish today and it was my job to make it happen. Sight casting to some back country redfish is one of my favorite was to catch them so the wish was granted. happy birthday George hope to see you again soon.

Big smiles

Allen and Melissa Guttman and their two kids Thomas and Sofia joined me today out of the Plantation Adventure Center for a little inshore redfish action. Allen has got to be one of the best dads I have seen on a fishing charter, he spent most of his time helping the kids catch fish. The tide was

Wife gets it done

I picked my clients up today at the Plantation Adventure Center. James and Cris Cairel were ready to catch some big Crystal River redfish. We spent the morning catching some trout on the falling tide and waiting for the tide to get right to get to the real targeted species, upper slot redfish was the

Cairel family fun

James and Cris Cairel  and their two kids Ryan and Taylor joined me today out of the Plantation Adventure Center for a day on the water doing a little scalloping. the day went very well the kids cleaned up on the scallops and the parents did a fine job also. A

No scallops in Nebraska

There is always people that have never scalloped before but the Coler family has never even seen the ocean before. Troy and Tiffany brought their dad and three kids to Florida for the first time from Nebraska to swim with the manatees and do some scalloping. The whole family did a great job and we got

Tough conditions

Jim D’ annunzio and his crew have been coming scalloping with me for years now. This year the weather was a little nasty and we ended up sitting at Twin Rivers Marina for a couple hours waiting for things to blow over. The weather was not ideal for a day of snorkeling but everyone was up to giving

A new experience

These days parents are always looking for a way to get their kids outside to enjoy what the world has to offer. Kids today spend to much time indoors playing virtual reality when reality is just around the corner and sometimes you have to push them out into the real world. DR Keating had to

perfect conditions

Ed and Cecilia Farner  and their two kids Mathew and Madison were my clients today and we had perfect conditions. Some clients make it easier than others and the Farner family made it easy today to get a full boat limit of scallops. we ended up with so many we had to throw three gallons back

Green on the shell

I picked up my clients today at the Plantation Adventure Center and headed west to the scallop grounds. The last few days we have had a strong incoming tide and it has been a little difficult and I was a little worried about my clients, William and Eleanor Green were new to scalloping. I gave them

Experience pays off

Michael  and Kelly Espisito and their friend John and Nancy are experienced divers and had no trouble at all getting used to scalloping. Some days are easier than others and today was one that made my job easy I always get in and get my share of scallops But I didn’t have to do a lot